Cava Website Redesign

UX/UI, Visual Design

The goal of this project was to redesign Cava’s forward facing website. One of the main challenges was balancing the multiple objectives and requirements of all the different teams who manage the site’s content while also radically improving the customer experience.
Homepage design

Building a Better Menu Page
Cava is a restaurant company, so the menu page is one of the most important pages on the site. The previous design had all menu item types, allergen, nutritional, and sourcing information spread across multiple static subpages. My approach to making this data more approachable and actionable was to combine all available dietary data into a single interactive tool that would allow a customer to dynamically filter the menu based on their individual needs.
Sketches and Prototypes
After learning more about customer’s pain-points with the existing design based on feedback received from the Customer Experience team, I began sketching ways this tool could work. Initially, I was thinking of using a conversational, text-based input pattern however after some tests I shifted my design to a tag-based filtering system to take some of the guesswork out for customers by making all the filtering options available to customers visible at the same time.

Desktop Menu view
Collaborating with the Customer Experience team, the key goals we set for the contact page was to reduce the volume of commonly submitted customer questions by encouraging customers to self-help via an overhauled FAQ section without adding friction for customers who need to talk to that team. 
Food as a Force for Good

A big part of the Cava culture is giving back to the community. One of the ways way Cava does this is through a profit-sharing program where customers can host a fundraiser at a Cava store for a set amount of time, after which, Cava donates a percentage of the store’s profits to the customer’s organization or cause.
Setting up a fundraiser at a Cava location had been a very labor intensive process for both customers and the customer experience team requiring a lot of back and forth emailing. Our solution was to design a web app that walks customers through the setup process while freeing up time for the experience team that would have been spent needlessly writing a lot of emails.
Blake Wilton, Washington DC